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About us

Our raw material is steel

but people are the secret of our success.

They are our strength, the brains and heart of everything we do.

We work with the pride that has revolutionised washing,
manufacturing with the enthusiasm of those who seek to surpass themselves every day.

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For more than 50 years, Hoonved has been designing and manufacturing innovative, reliable washing systems ranging from small undercounter to large rack conveyor dishwashers.

Over time, the brand has earned an outstanding reputation in the professional warewashing sector, guaranteeing quality and reliability.
What is our business secret?

People, Passion and Innovation

These are the pillars of our story, the forces that inspire us every day, the paths to our future. That is why we have chosen to tell our story using these three words.

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People’s worth
Hoonved’s foundation can be attributed to the insight of a charismatic figure, Erminio Dall’Oglio, whilst the talent and commitment of many workers are the reason for its subsequent growth. It is a solid success that shines like steel, the result of a winning mix of dreams and reality, the fruits of the labours of many people.

From organisation to design, from manufacturing to sales, service and spares, everyone in Hoonved works as a team on a daily basis in order to create the force of a dynamic, dependable and customer-oriented company.


Our founder and the story of the company

In the very beginning we have the talent and passion of Erminio Dall’Oglio. Following the success obtained with the invention of a peanut dispenser, in 1965, Hoonved’s founder unveiled the first brush-type mechanical glasswasher at the Milan Trade Show, a veritable revolution in the world of professional warewashing. This was the start of a great business venture that grew steadily with a succession of innovative products, production being moved from the garage beneath his home to today’s large manufacturing facility.

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tagliatella titoli Passion

Professional warewashing specialists

A lot of water has passed through Hoonved equipment since the first brush-type glasswashers. Over the years, design has improved, technology has developed and the range has expanded. It is the passion for doing things well that has remained.

Every machine is produced in its entirety in-house: from steel sheet to finished product, we handle every stage of production with care, ensuring that every single component is thoroughly tested. We do all this in order to offer our customers efficient and reliable washing systems, from small undercounter to large rack-conveyor dishwashers.


We always try to offer our customers innovative, reliable products capable of delivering excellent hygienic and washing performance. But we do not stop here. We offer our customers professional skills, expertise and consideration at all times: from buying advice to installation, training, support and spares. We are never far away from the Hoonved customer with an extensive worldwide network of dealers and service centres.

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tagliatella titoli Innovation

Revolutionary right from the outset

It made its debut in 1965 and was an immediate success: Universal was the first brush-type glasswasher, the fruit of the inspired idea of using hydraulic rather than electric force.

A revolution in the professional warewashing sector followed by other important innovations, such as the first automatic espresso cup washers with rotary basket. Over time, control panels provided additional functions with greater automation. In 1978, the first Hoonved warewashers were produced, ideal for bakers, butchers, large scale retail distribution and the food industry.

Today’s design and technology

Recent history has also witnessed significant progress in the field of innovation. With the Sunrise Project we have created state-of-the-art machines capable of offering exceptional standards of hygiene thanks to a revolutionary patented system with clean water, high pressure and continuous discharge wash cycles. With the introduction of the Break Tank System, our dishwashers guarantee rinsing at constant and pressure. In 1996 Hoonved joined the Ali Group with whom it shares a production and development philosophy aimed at continuous improvement of technology and manufacturing. In 2010 we were the first to implement the heat pump in warewashers, allowing lower consumption and a better working environment. But the research is not over: day after day, we continue to pursue our goal of offering our customers increasingly innovative and efficient machines, that ensure optimum wash performance without forgetting consumption and environmental sustainability.

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tagliatella titoli Milestones


Universal is launched, the first brush-type mechanical glasswasher. A veritable revolution in the world of professional warewashing.


The first automatic espresso cup washers with rotary basket are marketed


The first warewashers are produced


The Sunrise Project is launched


Hoonved joins the Ali Group


Hoonved expands into the export market


Introduction of the Break Tank


Hoonved is the sector’s first business to implement the heat pump in warewashers


Hoonved celebrates its 50th anniversary

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tagliatella titoli The story of the name

Originality and great competitive spirit. The name Hoonved can be trace its roots back to the world of soccer. Indeed, Honved is the name of the Hungarian army team that in the 1950s came very close to winning the World Cup.

Erminio Dall’Oglio was struck by its determination and fighting spirit: by adding an “o” it became the name of his company. A business of great promise, destined to last a long time, just like steel.

tagliatella titoli The strength of a great group

Since 1996, Hoonved has been part of the Ali Group, one of the world’s biggest names in the hospitality and professional catering sector. The Group was founded in Italy in 1963, but many of its members boast more than a century of history and are among the market’s most recognised and esteemed brands.

Ali Group designs, manufacturers and markets an extensive range of catering equipment. With 57 manufacturing sites, more than 10,000 employees in 30 countries and 76 brands, it operates in almost

every segment of the market: from meal-cooking and distribution, from bread-making and confectionery, to dishwashers, refrigerators, ice cream, ice and coffee machines.

Ongoing investment in research and development allow us to offer sturdy, innovative, environmentally-friendly products providing the perfect solution to the needs of major hotel and restaurant chains, as well as hospitals, schools, airports, staff canteens and prisons.

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