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No self-respecting bar or wine bar can do without a top-quality glasswasher and cupwasher undercounter. In bars, wine bars and cafés, there are a large quantity of dishes to wash, as well as many different types of glasses and cups. The dishwasher must, therefore, ensure: rapid washing times, versatility and sparkling results. Glasses, especially, must always sparkle and be free from stains and streaks.

The Hoonved solution

All Hoonved glass and cup washers are designed to wash any type of glass or cup perfectly. They are also heavy-duty with an attractive design which means they will complement the décor.

Beyond the curve

Lastly, if you want the very best results, you can choose to use the exclusive Hoonved fresh water system or a dishwasher from the TL range combined with a reverse osmosis system.

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