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tagliatella titoli Confectioners, Bakeries, Ice cream parlours, Butchers, Food industry and Large-scale retail trade

Large quantities, and above all, a huge assortment of dishes to wash: from specific utensils to oven trays and ice cream pans to containers and big baskets. Without forgetting plates, glasses and cutlery with stubborn dirt to remove! All these sectors need to be able to rely on hard-wearing, high-performance utensil washers and basket conveyor dishwashers that adapt to the often narrow spaces available.

The Hoonved solution

The wide range of Hoonved utensil washers and basket conveyor dishwashers offers many different solutions in terms of size and technology to adapt to the most demanding requirements of these catering sectors.  From the ultra-compact C68 undercounter model to the large EDI versions, we have lots of product types from which to choose. With the guarantee of fast times, perfect hygiene, plus energy and water savings.

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